The Team

Greedy Planet is presented by Dr Ciara Dangerfield and Dr Andrew Craig who are Scientists based in the Plant Sciences Department at the University of Cambridge.

Ciara is a researcher in the Epidemiology and Modelling Group, and works on developing models using techniques from finance to inform disease control strategies. Originally a mathematician, Ciara did a PhD in Oxford developing mathematical models of cardiac cells. She then spent a short spell working at Public Health England, a government organisation, looking at the impact of control measures on Chlamydia in the UK (not the best conversation starter!). In her spare time Ciara enjoys running and baking.

Andrew Craig moved to the UK in late 2015. He works with Ciara at the University of Cambridge, where he uses maths to make predictions about citrus and wheat diseases. Prior to this he was a PhD student in Sydney, Australia, still using maths but this time applied to animal and human diseases (including chlamydia in koalas!). He is also an enthusiastic amateur musician and an experienced coffee drinker.