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Episode Four: Sustainable Food

In this episode we speak to Bev from Cambridge Sustainable Food about who they are and what they are doing to make the food we eat more sustainable. In particular, they tell us about their WWII rationing challenge, which Andrew and Ciara will be taking on, as well as the development of a Cambridge Food Hub. Enjoy!

Episode Three: The Global Food Security programme

We’re back and in this episode we speak to Riaz Bhunnoo from the Global Food Security programme (our very kind sponsors) about what the programme is, what they do and the challenges of keeping food security a top priority in the current changing political landscape.  Also find out why we have been away for so long (hint, it may have something to do with the pitta patter of tiny feet…)!

Bitesize: Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa

On the third instalment of out bitesize series in association with the Gastby foundation we speak to Dr Shailaja Fennell from the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge about the practical considerations of improving small-holder farming in sub-saharan Africa.

Bitesize: Impact of agriculture on conservation

We have teamed up with the Gatsby Foundation masterclass series to bring you a series of bitesize episodes where we talk to some of the leading researchers in the world of Food Security. In the first of our bitesize shows we talk to Professor Andrew Balmford about the impact of agriculture on conservation, and what we can do to try to minimise this impact.

Episode Two: How might climate change affect food security?

In this episode we speak to Dr. Aled Jones, director of the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, about how climate change is going to impact food security. We also try some potential food of the future that is not for the faint hearted!

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Episode 1: What is food security?


In this episode we speak to Dr David Nally and Professor Chris Gilligan, from the Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security to find out where this term comes from and how food security varies across the world. Furthermore we find out what the challenges are and why it is crucial for natural, physical and social scientists to work together to overcome these trials.

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Episode 1 transcript